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‘Igneous’ is the pursuit of leading creative luxury design in hand sculpted, heated concrete bathtubs. Hand formed custom molds produce the highest quality tubs which are then individually sculpted to become a unique functional art piece. Using flowing lines like Van Gogh in an art deco craftsmanship fashion, our artists create the perfect design and function for truly luxurious spaces. Deeply passionate about providing the highest quality services and products, we are creating a limited number of appreciating functional art pieces in a world of monotony. Gone is the chance to commission your own personal Van Gogh, but you now have the chance to bask in a masterpiece equally as remarkable.

This luxury brand was created to reach the ‘Ultra High Net Worth’ market segment. The idea behind the name Igneous is the combination of heat and rock, emphasizing the materials used and the unique functionality of the baths. It also reflects the naturally occurring hot spring pools people seek to bask within as a relaxing escape. The market position is one of both luxury and innovation, with inspirational brands including Tesla, Tumi, and Breitling.